HUNA General Monthly Meeting September 2

Where: St Anthony’s Hospital Auditorium
When:  Tuesday, September 2 at 6:30 pm

6:30  Crime Report
7:00  Monthly meeting- Agenda Items include a talk with Saint Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman!
Light snacks will be provided by our awesome neighbor Andy of Urban Brew & BBQ. Hope to see you there. We encourage ALL residents of Historic Uptown to be involved!

HUNA ProstiWatch Porch Party

At our recent HUNA Meeting people expressed interest in meeting up somewhere along 9th Ave N. to spend an hour monitoring the prostitute situation. So I’m opening up my front porch for the first ever HUNA ProstiWatch Porch Party!  Today at 5:30.  875 5th St. N. (9th Ave. and 5th St.). Bring your cellphones, bug- spray and maybe we will order a pizza!

HUNA General Monthly Meeting August 5

Where: St Anthony’s Hospital Classroom D
When:  Tuesday, August 5 at 6:30 pm

6:30  Crime Report
7:00  Monthly meeting- Agenda Items include the following guest speakers:
  • Benjamin Shirley, Sanitation Director
  • Mike Frederick, Traffic Manager
Come on out and share your thoughts on this. We encourage ALL residents of Historic Uptown to be involved!

Operation: POT- pourri

operation_potpurri1A member of our board got an encouraging email from a ranking member of SPPD:
“I attached a video from the department web site…….this is something we
have been working on for the past few weeks with our undercover units.
We have been concentrating on making arrests for drugs in and around
downtown so I’m hoping we got some of the dealers near your area.
We also conducted a prostitution operation, a week ago where 7 were

St. Petersburg Police Department added 26 new photos to the album “Operation: POT- pourri”.

“Operation: POT- pourri”

Undercover and uniformed St. Petersburg Police officers conducted Operation: POT-pourri, a round-up of spice buyers and sellers, including local businesses and individuals in Williams Park and businesses along 34th St. N.St.

Police officers are seeing a disturbing trend: a dramatic increase in the sale and use of synthetic marijuana, also known as Spice, K2, Eclipse, Blaze, etc. Officers believe convenience stores are selling the packets. Those buyers are then boarding buses to sell the synthetic drugs, by the joint for a huge profit in Williams Park.

Yesterday police arrested 20 individuals and fined two convenience stores, -Frog Eyes Smoke Shop, 6040 4th St. N. received a $21,500 fine and Mario’s Meat Market 3701 5th Ave. N.,received a $23,000 fine.

Today officers will be handing out educational fliers on synthetic marijuana this afternoon throughout the targeted area.

See video of Tuesday’s round-up at:

General Meeting Minutes – July 1, 2014

Our latest general meeting was held at St. Anthony’s auditorium on July 1.  Here are the minutes from our latest monthly meeting

Meeting was called to order by James at 6:42PM

Crime Report:

Officer Jason Deary gave the Crime Report.  He provided his contact number for call back within 24 hours.  It is 727-551-3182.  There were 2 burglaries, 1 aggravated assault and a mugging (listed as unarmed robbery).  Residents expressed thanks for efforts to close down the drug house behind 539 6th Ave in the alley.  It was the last of the major known drug houses in the HUNA area.  Officer Deary shared how they were able to successfully access the house and why it can takes months to gain that access.

727 7th Ave is still having some issues with tenants drinking on the porch and the police are continuing to work with the owner.  The drugs and prostitutes are gone.

Their efforts are focused on working a possible new drug house in the neighborhood near 5th Avenue and 6th Street.

Residents raised a question regarding an unsecured, abandoned house at 801 8th Street N.  The property is being broken into regularly and transients have gained entry.  The home was scheduled for demolition according to codes.  Residents also advised that one of the three ‘kids on bikes’ associated with the drug house on 6th Ave is back and working 7th Ave driving to and from the Snack Shack.  Officer Deary will look into both issues.

Greenlight Pinellas:

Chris, the Senior Planner presented.  He walked residents through the process including the development of a detailed plan and feasibility study as to where the transit line is needed.  He also touched upon land use.  The key is improvement of the PSTA bus system.  An increase of 65% in bus services is expected, bringing residents to their jobs.  16 proposed light rail stations with surrounding mixed usage development will be needed.  All details can be seen at

The cost will be between 1.6 and 1.7 billion dollars over 25 years.  A light rail operation is approximately 1/3 the cost of running buses.  Bike and pedestrian improvements are also anticipated.  Funding will be via the 1% sales tax increase.  This amounts to roughly $13/household annually.  Williams Park buses will no longer be in service.  PSTA revenue is expected to increase from 30 million dollars to 130 million.  Jobs are expected to be created as part of the initiative, too.

Guest Speaker (Gazebo Update) – Susan Ajoc:

Susan Ajoc, Community Services Director, led a discussion about the new Gazebo.   After much discussion, a vote by meeting attendees was taken.  The following was agreed to by majority vote:

  • Build a new gazebo
  • Build it in the same location as the current gazebo
  • Build it with a 16 foot diameter
  • Roof color needs to be a dark green comparable to the green in our HUNA logo.

With this vote, Susan will be able to go back to city contractors and provide detailed costs at our next meeting along with a few additional questions for consideration (such as what type of flooring is desired, i.e.: concrete, hexagonal blocks, pavers, etc.)

New Business

No new business was discussed.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.